2022 Hackfest and More!

Hackfest and More! will be held at MacOdrum Library Wednesday, October 12. We’ll welcome you in room 252 starting at 1:30pm and we’ll have a few different spaces available to work in. We’ll aim to finish up around 4:30, but you can stick around if you’re on a roll (the library closes at midnight though…). Snacks will be provided, so please sign up so we can make sure there’s enough!

What the Heck Is Hackfest and More!?

Hackfest is a beloved part of the Access Conference, but we know it may not appeal to everyone. We’d love to welcome everyone who’s attending the conference in-person so we have a few options:


Hackfest is an opportunity to collaboratively work on a project with other fab Access folks. It can be a chance to try something completely new or build on an existing project. As in previous years, we’ll be facilitating its organization but, really, the meat of it is up to participants. Use the Hackfest sign-up to suggest a project or to throw out a vague idea that someone else can build on.

Workshop: Building decentralized linked data applications with Solid

The Solid specification, combined with linked data concepts, allows developers to build decentralized, interoperable applications where users control their own data. This workshop will provide a gentle introduction to Solid, with no background assumed in linked data or web app development (though some programming experience will be useful). Participants will learn the foundational concepts behind Solid by adding features to a starter application. By the end of the workshop, they will have the knowledge necessary to continue exploring the Solid ecosystem in more depth. Participants should have a laptop on which they can install and run Node packages. Workshop sign-up.

Find Your People, Solve Your Problem

You know that thing that’s been rattling around your brain and refuses to solve itself? It’s not necessarily code, but it’s something that you feel you could figure out if you could talk it through with someone else. Maybe you’ll find someone with the same problem, maybe you just need a rubber duck. Let people know what you want to talk through with the Find Your People sign-up.

Documentation Sprint (or whatever other task you’ve been putting off)

Three glorious hours that you can use to finally write those docs you’ve been meaning to write for ages. Or edit those webpages. Or write your months-late annual report. Whatever you’ve been putting off, use the company of the lovely Access community to motivate you to finally cross that thing off your list. Plus, did we mention there will be snacks? Use the Documentation Sprint sign-up to commit to Getting. It. Done.


Is there something else you’d like to work on? Suggest it in the sign-up sheet!