Hosting Guidelines

Access has traditionally been held in late September or early October.

Efforts should be made, wherever possible, to rotate the conference location amongst the Canadian regions. Considerations for location include:

  • Is the location easy to get to? From within Canada? from outside Canada?
  • Is the cost to get to the location a factor?
  • Once there, is there sufficient, convenient local transportation?


  • Is there enough space to host the sessions? Particularly the large keynotes. (attendance levels are typically 100-200)
  • If there are multiple locations–are they in close proximity to one another?
  • Are the facilities accessible?
  • Is there wifi?
  • Is there capacity to livestream the conference sessions?

Other Considerations

  • Familiarity with the library IT community and past Access conferences
  • Technical support – who is responsible? Firms in the area/volunteers from host institution/firms in other cities, towns? Will the technical requirements be adequately met? (Local lines, bandwidth, etc.)
  • Catering- are special needs taken care of? Are there enough options to allow the host to select reasonably priced meals?

In your hosting proposal, please include/address:

  • The host organization(s) name
  • Proposed dates
  • The location the event will likely be held (e.g. campus facility, hotel name, etc.)
  • Considerations noted in the guidelines above
  • Anything else to convince us that you would put on another fabulous Access conference!

Submit your proposals (or ask your questions) at!