2014 Preconference Program


Monday, September 29, 2014, 9am-4pm
Taylor Family Digital Library, Room 440 A

For examples of Hackfest topics, see last year’s Google Doc!

To suggest a Hackfest idea for this year, click along to this year’s Google Doc!

Never been to a Hackfest? Fear you aren’t hackey enough? Worry not! Hackfest is an informal day to check out other people’s problems, help solve them, or learn something new. There is not set program, and the day is informal. Come and go as you please. We suggest you bring a laptop, water bottle, and maybe even a reusable coffee mug. Coffee and snacks will be available onsite. There’s a cafe on the first floor of the Taylor Family Digital Library, and tons of other lunch food on campus for your eating pleasure.


Library Crawl

Presented by the Foothills Library Association
Tuesday, September 30, 8am-12pm
Bus pickup from Hotel Alma lobby

This preconference session has a $20 fee. More information at registration.

You’ just flew into Calgary last night. You know no one, and the Hackfest isn’t really your game. You want to see libraries! So you hop out of bed nice and early, have a delicious breakfast at the hotel bistro, then meet a bunch of awesome librarians in the hotel lobby for a jaunt downtown. You’re going to crawl the libraries!

The bus brings you downtown, and you check out the Calgary Public Library, the University of Calgary Downtown Campus Library, and the Glenbow Museum Library. You meet a bunch of new library pals, and see a bunch of cool library spaces. Finally, you’re in the groove and ready to take on Access 2014. You rock!

The bus brings you back to Hotel Alma, where you have just enough time to grab a bite and freshen up before the conference program starts in the afternoon. You’re havin’ a good day!