Venues 2013

Main Venue

Masonic Temple

The Masonic Temple, built in 1894, is the largest brick fraternal meeting hall in the province. The three-storey building is an excellent example of Victorian lodge construction. It’s known for its association with the Freemasons. The last Masonic meeting in the temple was held in June 2007.

The temple is located on 6 Cathedral Street, St. John’s, NL. Here is a tour given by the president of Spirit of Newfoundland, Peter Halley.

The Masonic Temple will be used for Hackfest on Sept. 23 (9am – 4:30pm) and the conference sessions (Sept. 24-26).


Photo by Iris Liu

Other Venues

Queen Elizabeth II Library

The Queen Elizabeth II Library is located on the main campus of Memorial University in St. John’s.Special areas of the Queen Elizabeth II Library include the Centre for Newfoundland Studies and Archives as well as the Map Room, The Commons and is home to the Digital Archive Initiative.

The QEII Library will be used to host the precon: Digital Overview and Best Practices (5th floor boardroom).


Photo by Gord Little

The Ship Pub

One of the best spots in town for live music and is home to Folk Night (Wednesday nights). Located close to the Masonic temple at 265 Duckworth Street, our Hackfest Social will be hosted here.


Photo by jessica

The Rooms

Opened in 2005, The Room is the largest public cultural space in the province. It houses the Provincial Archives, Art Gallery and Museum.

Sitting on a hill, The Rooms was built on the site that used to be Fort Townshend. It is the perfect place to enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire St. John’s Harbour.

The Rooms is located on 9 Bonaventure Avenue and will be the venue for the reception on Sept. 24.



Photo by sophpos


YellowBelly is located on 288 Water Street and will be our venue for the Scuff n’ Scoff Social on Sept. 25. It is at the entrance of George Street, the well-known pub street. The heritage building amazingly survived the Great fire of 1892, the worst disaster ever in Newfoundland history. Beers are fresh brewed on-site.



Photo by Iris Liu


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