Photographing and Filming Consent at Access

Please note that there may be a possibility that you will photographed and/or filmed at Access! We won’t be doing anything sinister, but we’ll explain a bit more below.

As a condition of hosting Access, all hosts are required to livestream (and if possible, archive) the conference for remote attendees. This means that all presenters (not including those who are doing poster presentations) must give their consent to be filmed to the Organizing Committee in advance. Note that it’s only the livestream that will be capturing video–the Access committee has no plans to take any other video.

There are no plans to have an official photographer on site for the conference, but the Planning Committee wants to ensure that any photos that are taken (whether by members of the committee or by fellow attendees) are done in accordance with attendee wishes. For those who do not wish to have their photo taken during the conference, red dot stickers will be available to place on conference badges.

We ask that everyone be mindful of fellow attendees’ wishes and not make any effort to photograph when a red dot sticker is displayed. We also ask that if an attendee would like to take a video, please ask your fellow attendee(s) in advance for their permission.

Thanks for your cooperation!