Workshops and Hackfest

Wednesday, October 2

Hackfest & Workshops will be at the new University of Alberta Libraries Digital Scholarship Centre, located in Cameron Library. The University of Alberta campus is across the river from the Matrix Hotel.


The Hackfest will run through the day. Details to follow.


9:00 – 10:00

Eira Tansey

will lead a discussion of subjects dealt with in her keynote talk.

10:30 – 12:30
(parallell sessions)

Hack open web data with web scraping approaches with Google Sheets, Python, and R

Yoo Young Lee
(15 seats)
The Web has become a source of data for daily and scientific research. Although there are many initiatives to facilitate data exchange, most of the Web content are written in plain HTML. This workshop will introduce three approaches (Google Sheets, Python, and R) from simple to advanced to scrape web data in a standard format like CSV, XML, and JSON and how these techniques can be applied to daily work and research.

Microaggressions: Let’s do more than just talk about them

Whitni Watkins
(25 seats)
What do I want to talk about? Subtle and covert forms of discrimination, also known as microaggressions, recognizing them and how we should be addressing them.
Topics of discussion will include:
• what microaggressions are
• recognizing acts of microaggressions in ourselves
• recognizing acts of microaggressions from others (if applicable)
• why how we approach microaggressions matters
• practice ways to address them when we see them happen
• understanding how this form of discrimination has a ripple effect.

1:30 – 4:00
(parallell sessions)

Introduction to Data Science and Visualization with R and RStudio

John Fink
(25 seats)
This workshop will introduce you to the basics of manipulating data using the R programming language and the RStudio IDE. We’ll go through what is R and how it works for understanding and manipulating spreadsheets and other data types. In addition, we’ll talk about RStudio, the preeminent graphical interface to R, and how to use it to easily create data visualizations.

Minding the store: Using triplestore software for linked data exploration

John Huck and members of the University of Alberta Libraries Metadata Team
(20 seats)
This workshop will provide a hands-on introduction to triplestore software for anyone who would like to start working with linked data triples (subject-predicate-object data). A triplestore is a database optimized for storing and querying RDF triples. We will help participants install software on their machines, source triples, load them, and then begin to work with them. We may touch on advanced topics, but the focus will be on getting people up and running. Because it is such a vast topic in its own right, the SPARQL query language used in triplestores won’t be addressed in any detail.

Participants will need to bring their own laptop. Familiarity with the command line is not necessary (Fuseki uses the command line, but GraphDB has an easy-to-use GUI). Familiarity with linked data concepts is helpful, but not strictly necessary. Participants with more experience are welcome to attend to share what they know.