Social Events

2021 Social Events

We’re all a little tired, a little slow, a little more burned out this year. Our social events acknowledge this and are designed to be more relaxed. Check out our after-session programming for some fun socializing or just join in for some relatively passive participation for the first five minutes of every break this week.


  • 11:45–12:00 pm (PDT) / 2:45-3:00 pm (EDT) – Break programming – Join us for a sloth viewing! We will be live-streaming a live-stream of a webcam in a sloth sanctuary.
  • 1:30 pm (PDT) / 4:30 pm (EDT) – Opening Reception – Join us in to say hello and reconnect with your Access fam. The space will also be open throughout the conference.
    • To attend please make sure to select an “Opening Reception” ticket when registering in order to get emailed login information. If you missed doing this but want to attend, email and we’ll figure something out!


  • 10:10–10:25 am (PDT) / 1:10-1:25 pm (EDT) – Break programming – Alex tries to install old Access software.
  • 11:45-12:00 pm (PDT) / 2:45-3:00 pm (EDT) – Break programming – We follow-up with Alex to see how it’s going.
  • 1:30 pm (PDT) / 4:30 pm (EDT) – Alex Teaches You Meditation (no refunds) – Learn the basics of meditation with Alex Garnett! This is not a joke, it will be very relaxing and informative. You will tentatively consider inner peace and your blood pressure with drop precipitously. No refunds.


  • 10:30–10:45 am (PDT) / 1:30-1:45 pm (EDT) – Break programming – Pet meet and greet! Hold up your feathered, furred, finned, scaled, or otherwise attired animal companion! We’ll do a round of introductions if your pet is up for it!
  • 1:30 pm (PDT) / 4:30 pm (EDT) – Furious Road: The Path of Least Resistance and Most Ranting – Has something been particularly hard in the last year? Grab a snack and a drink and get it out of your system.


  • 10:10–10:25 am (PDT) / 1:10-1:25 pm (EDT) – Break programming – Tune in for some relaxing nature sounds!


Have you missed seeing and chatting with your local library friends? Fear not! We have volunteers organizing “local” meetups. Most are after main sessions or on Friday after the conference. Most will be virtual, but it is up to the host. Sign up now to show your interest!