About Access 2021

Join us October 18 – 22 for an online edition of Access!

Access 2021 Organizing Committee

  • James Fournie (Chair)
  • Shannon Lucky (Programming)
  • Tim Ribaric (Programming)
  • Rebecca Dowson (Programming)
  • Rebecca Dickson (Meme wizard)
  • Alex Garnett (Shenanigans)
  • Cynthia Ng (Shenanigans)
  • Adrienne Lai (Director of Whimsy, Artwork and Website)
  • Eka Grguric (Volunteer Coordination and Website)
  • Scott Leslie (Master of Coin)

Contact us at accesslibcon@gmail.com

About Access

Access is Canada’s premier library technology conference bringing librarians, technicians, developers, programmers, and managers together to discuss cutting-edge library technologies.

Access is a single stream conference featuring in-depth analyses, panel discussions, poster presentations, lightning talks, hackfest, and plenty of time for networking and social events.


  • Sessions will be hosted using Zoom. Registered attendees will be sent links and instructions. Almost everything happens in the same Zoom room except Hackfest and Workshops.
  • Talks and panels will also be accessible on public livestream, with link posted on the conference homepage.

Members of the organizing committee & volunteer team will be standing by to make sure everyone gets connected.


Access values everyone’s participation, and we’re committed to creating an online space that’s safe and friendly for all attendees. Participants are expected to read and follow the Code of Conduct. The Organizing Committee will be available throughout the conference to provide support and enforcement as needed.

For now, feel free to email us or connect on Twitter. Individual contact details will be made readily available prior to the conference.