COVID Information

COVID Protections for In-Person Attendees

All in-person attendees must follow any COVID protections in place on the Carleton University campus at the time of the conference. At the moment, there are none. If that changes, we will post the new requirements here, as well as sending an email to all registered in-person attendees.

Last year, Carleton had more COVID protections in place than some other university campuses. So it would be reasonable to assume that masks and/or proof of vaccination could be required by October. Regardless of what the requirements on campus are, the following protections will be in place during the conference:

  • Masks will be encouraged for all attendees
  • We will have extra masks on hand if you need one
  • We have booked a space with a larger capacity than we are expecting, so there will be room for people to distance if they wish to
  • Lunch breaks will be 90 minutes long and other breaks will be 30 minutes to allow people time to get outside.

Switching From In-Person Attendance to Remote Attendance

Attendees can switch from in-person attendance to remote attendance if necessary. We’re still working out the details of how much notice we’ll need and what the process will be, but we’ll try to make it as easy as possible and have the option available as long as possible. At the very least, the livestream will be available for anyone who can’t join us in-person.