Getting Around in YEG

Now that #AccessYEG is upon us, we thought some of you from out of town may want tips on getting around. There are a lot of options, because the conference hotel is in a central location. Here’s a quick guide:

Edmonton International Airport (EIA)

Those of you flying into Edmonton have several options on how to get back and forth between the EIA.

ETS Airport Bus
Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) runs an Airport bus (747) from Century Park Transit Station. Fare is 5$ and does not include a transfer for the LRT Trains that you will need to complete the rest of your journey. How it works:

EIA>>Matrix Hotel
1. Catch Bus 747 outside Door 8 of the arrivals level of the Airport Outside door 8, on the Arrivals level (between Tim Hortons and the Circle K convenience store). The bus also stops at the outlet mall, stay aboard and ride to Century Park Station.
2. Purchase a LRT train ticket at Century Park station and take any train northbound to Corona Station.
3. Exit Corona Station, walk 2 blocks South on 107 st to Matrix Hotel.

Matrix Hotel >> EIA
1. Walk 2 blocks north on 107 st to Corona LRT and purchase a ticket. Take any southbound train to Century Park.
2. At Century Park, catch bus 747 toward EIA. The bus also stops at the outlet mall, stay aboard and ride to EIA.
3. The bus will drop passengers off at door 8 of the arrivals level of EIA.

An up to date schedule for bus 747 is available online.

Edmonton Skyshuttle runs a service and the Matrix Hotel is one of their drop off and pick up points. Adult Fare is 18$ one way or $30 round trip. The check in counter can be found near door 7 on the arrivals level of EIA. See the Skyshuttle website.

Uber | Taxi
Edmonton also offers Uber and Taxi Service at EIA. Rates start from $40 upwards.

Getting Around Town

Most Access 2019 events are happening within walking distance of the Matrix hotel but if you want to explore the city here are some options:

Edmonton Transit light rail transit (LRT) system is a very easy way to get around town. There are only 2 lines. The trains run frequently enough during the day but you can consult the schedule online. Fare prices are also found online.

The closest station to the Matrix Hotel is Corona Station.

If you are attending the workshops and hackfest at the University of Alberta campus on Oct 2. take the LRT to University Station.

The most central LRT station in downtown Edmonton is Churchill Station – which will take you close to the Royal Alberta Museum, Alberta Art Gallery, Winspear Centre, Citadel Theatre, City Hall and City Centre shopping area.

Edmonton Transit Service runs a wide network of buses that will get you to locations like Whyte Avenue and West Edmonton Mall. The website has a helpful trip planner

Uber |Taxis
Edmonton also offer Uber and Taxis, rates will vary.

Walking around you may notice scooters parked on the street. These are a new initiative in the downtown area of the city. The scooters can be used via an app. For more information see the city website.

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