Ignite Access 2016

Wishing you’d submitted a proposal for Access? As part of this year’s program, we’re assembling a 60-minute Ignite event, and we’re looking for a few more brave souls to take up the challenge!

What’s Ignite, you ask? An Ignite talk is a fast-paced, focused, and entertaining presentation format that challenges presenters to “enlighten us, but make it quick.”

Ignite talks are short-form presentations that follow a simple format: presenters have 5 minutes, and must use 20 slides which are set to automatically advance every 15 seconds. Tell us about a project or experience, whether it’s a brilliant success story, or a dismal failure! Issue a challenge, raise awareness, or share an opportunity! An Ignite talk can focus on anything and can be provocative, tangential, or just plain fun. Best of all, it’s a great challenge to hone your presentation skills in front of one of the best audiences you’ll find anywhere!

Ignite talks have deep roots in the tech community, but have grown to reach an incredibly broad range of presenters and audiences; even schools and businesses are using Ignite talks to teach the value of crafting effective, powerful messages in a minimalist frame. Ignite Talk’s video archive provides hundreds of great examples by presenters from around the world. Better yet, check out author Scott Berkun’s Why and How to Give an Ignite Talk.

Interested? Send your submissions to drross@unb.ca, and tell us in 200 words or fewer what you’d like to enlighten us about. We’ll continue to accept Ignite proposals until July 15th, and accepted submitters will be notified by July 20.

Questions? Contact your friendly neighbourhood program chair at drross@unb.ca!

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