Discounts and Scholarships 2016

We all know that Access is one of the best deals around for a tech conference. There are great speakers, great activities and great food, all for one amazingly low price. You get the hackfest, two and half days of our single-stream conference and the workshop for one great price of $450 Canadian (I know, right?).

The keeners and well-organized won’t miss out on the Early Bird tickets, which should hit store shelves in June for an incredible $350. That translates into less than $100 per day of awesomeness and we feed you. Shut the front door!

If you are working on an even tighter budget, there are still some options for you:

  1. Students – if you are a full-time student and trying save for Access, we are also making available 25 deeply discounted tickets just for you at the rock-bottom price of $200.
  2. Be a Presentersubmit a proposal, rock our world and we’ll hook you up for $300. That’s a 33.33333% savings for sharing your awesome project, idea or words of wisdom with your peers. What can go wrong?

Finally, if attending Access is still a stretch for your budget, we will once again have two Diversity Scholarships available. To qualify, you need to be from a “traditionally underrepresented and/or marginalized group,” be unable to attend the conference without some financial assistance and must not have received a scholarship to attend either of the previous two conferences. Meet the criteria and you’ll be eligible for a draw of one our $1000 Diversity Scholarships to help you attend the conference.

We hope to see you in Fredericton.

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