Technology is great! Except when it isn’t…

…which happens to be right now.

We thought we were being smart (read: making our lives easier) by having an automated form for submissions. As some of you know, this wonder form has been rather…temperamental (to say the least). We’ve also come to realize it’s been stealthy stealing submitted proposals from us. And that’s just not right.

So we’ve decided to do away with the form and accept submissions old-school style: via email to Those of you that submitted a proposal that wasn’t stolen by a technological foe should have gotten a confirmation email from us that all is well. You can put your feet up and relax, knowing that the form submission gods are smiling down upon you. If you didn’t get this confirmation email, please let us know. You may have to re-submit your proposal.

We’re sorry. We promise to give you lots of good food in September to atone for our screw up.

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