Announcing Access 2012 LIVE!

Building on the fine work and expectations set at last years conference, we are glad to announce that we’ll be offering the full range of LIVE elements for Access 2012 including:

  • Livestream of the entire conference
  • Liveblogging
  • Twitter feed
  • Flickr photo feed

You can access all this from the new Access 2012 LIVE! landing page!

Access 2012 LIVE! is as much for the people at the conference as it is for those tuning in over the web, and we’ve hoping that it helps to connect people and ideas and provide an extra layer of interaction and engagement for everyone.

And although the conference isn’t until next week, Access 2012 LIVE! starts NOW! We’d like to see everyone start to share tweets and pics as they prepare for Access 2012 and their trip to Montreal. Just use the hashtag #AccessYUL and we’ll pull everything together.

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