Access 2012 Hackfest – Let’s get started!

Now that the registrations have started to pour in (you have registered, right?), it seems like a good time to get the conversation going around the hackfest that will be happening as part of the preconference activities.

For those that are not familiar with the concept, the hackfest is essentially a day spent working collaboratively on brining a particular project to fruition. The day will start with the folks involved deciding what they want to work on. The rest of the day is spent working on moving the project forward, completing it if possible. (We’ll have more details on the hackfest later.)

As you may remember, back during the call for proposals we asked folks to submit ideas for the hackfest. Here is a summarized list of some of the great ideas that people sent through:

  • chatbot/twitterbot to handle simple reference questions
  • integration of said chatbot/twitterbot into discovery layer
  • simple web-site archiving tool
  • platform for coordination of multi-core code4lib events [see also]
  • read/write access between Evergreen and OpenLibrary
  • Hacking Historypin
  • Hacking Arduino
  • Mashing up Archivematica  and Islandora

As I mentioned before, the folks attending the hackfest will decide that day what they will be working on. But why wait to get the conversation going?

What do you think of these ideas? Questions? Anything you would like to add? Please post your ideas in the comments below.

Note: Even if you are not going to be attending the hackfest, you can still have your say! There will be reports from the hackfest during the main conference, so if there is a project you would like to see happen, now is the time to chime in!

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