Prices for Registration and Hotel

We’re in the process of setting up the online registration for Access 2012 (conference and hotel), and are hoping to be able to open registration very soon. We’ll post the day/time here as soon as they are finalized.

In the meantime, for those of you working on your budgets for the conference, here are the prices for registration:

Regular conference registration $400
Student conference registration $150
Preconference registration $50
   Hackfest or Learn Python (includes scrumptious lunch)
Epic Montreal-style Party: $15

Note: All conference registration prices include all taxes and service charges

As for the hotel, we’ve secured a block of rooms at a downtown hotel at the following rates:

Single occupancy $139
Double occupancy $139 (+$20 for each additional person up to 4)

(plus applicable taxes : Occupancy tax 3.5%, GST 5%, PST 9%)

More details on all of this coming soon!

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